One of the most enchanting aspects to consider in your wedding planning is the choice of flowers. Your floral selections can set the tone and style for your special day, and the season in which you tie the knot plays a significant role in which flowers are available. From the warm embrace of summer to the cosy elegance of winter, here’s a guide on wedding flowers by season with three flower selections for each.

Summer splendour

Clear skies, warm temperatures, and vibrant colours. Here are three popular flowers for a summer wedding:

  1. Roses: Symbolizing love and passion, roses are a timeless choice for summer weddings. Their variety of colours, from classic white to bold reds and pinks, make them versatile and suitable for various themes. Their rich symbolism harmonizes beautifully with the rustic charm of our outdoor setting.
  2. Lilies: With their graceful, trumpet-shaped petals and sweet fragrance, lilies are a symbol of purity and devotion. Stargazer lilies, with their striking pink and white hues, are particularly popular for summer weddings amidst our serene surroundings. Their sweet fragrance will mingle with the natural scents of the iNsingizi bush, creating an unforgettable sensory experience for all.
  3. Daisies: Radiating cheerfulness and innocence, daisies are perfect for a relaxed and casual summer celebration and complement our peaceful, laid-back charm. Gerbera (Transvaal) daisies, in an array of colours, add a pop of brightness to bouquets and decor.

Autumn elegance

Autumn offers a wonderful blend of warm days and cooler evenings. The landscape is transformed with rich, earthy tones, making it a magical season for weddings. Here’s three flower selections that are perfect for an autumn celebration:

  1. Carthamus: The warm and earthy tones of Carthamus are the embodiment of rustic elegance. As you celebrate your love amidst the natural beauty of iNsingizi, these delicate petals will infuse your wedding with a sense of deep-rooted affection. Their vibrant presence symbolizes flourishing love, perfectly aligning with our rustic ambiance.
  2. Chrysanthemums: Known as ‘mums’, these robust blooms come in an array of autumnal hues, such as golden yellows, rich oranges, and deep reds and pair beautifully with other autumn choices. Symbolizing happiness and joy, they create an atmosphere of celebration that resonates with our welcoming embrace.
  3. Dahlias: With their intricate petals and vibrant colours, dahlias add a touch of drama and elegance to autumn bouquets. With various shapes and sizes to choose from, Dahlias offer versatility that mirrors the diverse splendour of our home and surrounding landscapes, making them a striking and stylish addition to your special day.

Winter whimsy

Winter weddings offer a unique charm with their crisp air, cosy atmospheres, and golden lighting. Embrace the season’s subtle beauty with these three winter wedding flowers:

  1. Tulips: With their sleek, sophisticated appearance, tulips represent love and passion, and harmonize effortlessly with the enchanting winter bush backdrop on offer at iNsingizi. Deep, moody shades like burgundy and plum are ideal for winter weddings.
  2. Daffodils: These bright and cheerful blooms embody the promise of spring to come. Their vibrant yellow hues bring a touch of sunshine to winter bouquets and symbolize renewal and new beginnings and add a joyful burst of colour amongst our ethnic, warm winter bush tones.
  3. Lavender: Known for its fragrant and calming properties, lavender adds a touch of rustic elegance to winter weddings. As you exchange vows amidst the winter landscape of iNsingizi, the soothing scent and soft purple blooms of lavender will infuse your celebration with a sense of tranquillity, grace, and natural beauty.

Spring romance

Spring is a season of renewal, making it a spectacular choice for a wedding. The weather is mild, and the landscape is awash with fresh blooms. Celebrate your love with these three springtime flowers:

  1. Peonies: These lush, fluffy blooms exude romance and are highly sought after for spring weddings. Their soft, pastel shades and delicate fragrance add an air of enchantment to iNsingizi’s already magical setting.
  2. Proteas: These native flowers are a unique and meaningful choice for spring weddings. Their bold, striking appearance in shades of pink, white, or red symbolizes diversity and courage and are the perfect accompaniment to our African inspired décor and the serene surrounding bush.
  3. Tulips: Representing new beginnings, tulips are a classic choice for spring weddings. Their wide range of colours allows for endless possibilities in wedding décor and at iNsingizi, where nature is at its most beautiful during spring, they become the ideal canvas to paint your love story and create eye-catching arrangements.

By understanding the unique beauty and symbolism of flowers for each season, you can make an informed choice that complements your wedding theme and captures the essence of the moment.

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