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Weddings of 2021 – Upcoming trends for the new year

When it comes to planning a wedding, tradition is the theme of the day for many couples. Classic white weddings are always going to be popular, but for the modern bride and groom, wedding trends provide alternative ideas and inspiration to inject personality into the big day. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest wedding trends for 2021.

C-19 welcome boxes

Hand sanitiser and face masks have become part and parcel of attending a wedding in 2020, and it looks like into the foreseeable future. Because of this, couples have taken to including these essentials to “prepare” and keep guests safe, with a trend emerging for welcome boxes which contain C-19-safe bits and bobs, as well as a few treats thrown in. Like a reverse wedding favour, these boxes are either given before the wedding or on entry and include the basics like pretty masks and nifty sanitisers.

Eco-conscious weddings

With weddings comes a whole heap of stuff: decorations, confetti, flowers, wedding favours, invites, signs, table numbers and place cards etc. All of these accessories come at an expense, and many – especially customised items – cannot be reused or given away once the big day is over. Sustainable weddings are gaining popularity as “green” brides and grooms opt for environmentally friendly options for their wedding days, such as biodegradable confetti or fresh petals.

Themed bars and low/no-alcohol beverages

Nothing will replace a traditional bar, but single beverage bars – in particular, Gin & Tonic stations – are a hot addition to wedding receptions. Self-serve setups are a fun, interactive way for your guests to enjoy a drink, while taking a bit of pressure off the need for extra bar staff.

Statement Lighting

Lighting plays a massive part in creating ambience, especially as the evening approaches. No matter where your reception takes place, you can easily complement the existing lighting with a few additional pieces.

Think outside the box with gorgeous chandeliers, candelabras, mini table lamps, impressive floor lamps, lanterns, fairy lights, or a combination of any of the above. Nothing says “I care” like those extra little touches.

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