Staying safe together

Staying safe together

Dear guests

In light of current events, and our President declaring the Coronavirus a national disaster, we at iNsingizi, would like you, our valued customers, to know that we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and wellbeing during your stay with us, in order to make it as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Hygiene measures at iNsingizi

Rigorous sanitization

It goes without saying that at iNsingizi hygiene has always been our number one priority. However, to ensure that our clients, our staff and our families are doubly protected during this time, we have set up ‘sanitisation stations’ on arrival to the lodge and in main areas. We are also implementing the following sanitisation procedures:

  • All surfaces, door handles, and common areas will be constantly wiped down with disinfectant regularly.
  • All of our African Spa rooms and spa equipment will be disinfected after each use.
  • All rooms and bedding will be disinfected after each use, with all surfaces wiped down from top to bottom after each stay.
  • We are also implementing ‘one use’ hand towels to ensure maximum safety.
  • All employees, at the lodge, are abiding by the strict protocol of regularly washing their hands for the correct length of time.

Training and education           

At iNsingizi, our team are our family. The threat, of the fast spread, of this virus is of grave concern to us and we have done our due diligence in educating ourselves and our team in order to play our part in these difficult times. Our employees have been fully informed on the benefits of extreme hygiene and other necessary procedures for the safety of our guests and their own wellbeing.

We are also placing flyers, on COVID-19 prevention, precautions and procedures to follow, in our bathrooms, rooms and general areas to ensure that all guests are well informed.


All staff will be screened for flu or colds on a daily basis to ensure they are only at work if in optimum health.

We also ask that guests respect the safety and wellbeing of our staff, and other guests, and be forthcoming on whether they have travelled recently and/or if they are feeling unwell.

We encourage all guests to comply to these measures that have been put in place, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.

We would also like to confirm that we have not recently hosted any guests from other countries at iNsingizi.

Are you unsure if you should travel?

You may be wondering if you should put off your trip to iNsingizi at this time, but let us put your mind at ease, our lodge & spa caters to small groups and is located in a comfortably secluded area allowing you to distance yourself from the ‘panic’ of current times, and with enough space to distance yourself from other guests. In fact, our remote and un-spoilt location, set in the natural surroundings of Mid-Illovo, could offer just the perfect respite from the madness of the moment.

If you still feel unsure if you should travel at this time, we welcome postponements of your upcoming trip. Please note that all cancellations will follow our standard cancellation procedures.