While some couples opt for a “no kids allowed” policy when it comes to planning their big day, if you’ve made the decision to invite little guests to your wedding, it means a lot more than just including them on your invitations!

Whether you’re hosting your flower girl and ring bearer, younger relatives, your friends’ children, or even your own, many young guests will likely jump in on the fun that’s already taking place, but it’s a good idea to incorporate a few games or activities into your day to keep them entertained.

We’ve put together 5 activities to help keep the kiddies busy on your special day.

1. Oversized yard games
This is a common one that you might have already seen or heard of, and it’s fun for all ages (adults included)! Games like oversized jenga or noughts and crosses are a great addition to keep the little ones busy while the rest of the adults enjoy cocktails and canapes.

Including large lawn games in your wedding also gives your photographer an opportunity to capture a few heartwarming, candid photos of the kids doing what they do best, having fun!

2. Scavenger hunt
Great for the older kids, scavenger hunts are an easy DIY game that allows your little guests to discover all the highlights of your wedding day. Hide a few small wedding-themed items like plastic rings, ribbons, and heart-shaped pieces of paper around your venue, then give each of the kiddos a list of what they need to find. The kids will have a blast running around and searching for the items!

3. Bubble blowers
Not everyone is willing to sit and help the kiddies blow bubbles, which is why small, hand-held bubble blowing machines make for great entertainment that even the littlest kids can enjoy. Bubbles also add a touch of whimsy to your day and can be used as an alternative to a confetti toss after your ceremony!

4. Activity booklets
Kids can sometimes get restless when they have to sit still during the reception and ceremony. Activity booklets are an easy and budget-friendly way to keep the little ones in their seats during important speeches and the first dance!

Activity booklets contain fun activities that suit all ages including colouring sheets, crossword puzzles, or word searches. With loads of different ideas online, we’ve found a free printable booklet that includes 12 pages of activities to keep the kiddos entertained.

5. Builders’ table
Building blocks and legos can help keep kids busy for hours on end. All you’ll need is a small child-sized table, coffee table, or floor mat, and a big pile of legos or building blocks. You could let them unleash their creativity and build to their heart’s content, or you could get them to build you and your partner’s dream home.

By incorporating these entertainment ideas into your wedding celebration, you’ll not only ensure that even your smallest guests are thoroughly entertained, but you’ll create a more memorable experience for everyone involved.

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