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Your bestie’s bachelorette is one of the most exciting days in their life… It’s their last singlehood rodeo so planning a successful and memorable one is really important. It can seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

All you need is great food, good music, and a picturesque venue (iNsingizi hint hint!), your bridal babes and some really good entertainment. Don’t go with costly, time-consuming games, or ones that require you to set up the day before… Rather keep it simple and choose printables!

Don’t forget to consider the bride and her tastes. For those with an open mind, a naughty side and a sense of humour, don’t be afraid to incorporate games with innuendos. That being said, not everyone takes well to these games so make sure you have some “above the belt” options as well. The games you choose will also depend on the guests, if her older relatives have been invited, then you need to take this into consideration too.

Here are four fun printable games that are not only hassle-free but also a great way to break the ice and get the party started!

1. Bachelorette balderdash 🤔
This classic question and answer game is where you get players to answer a bunch of questions about the bride-to-be – it shows who knows the bride the best. There is no limit to the number of players, and you can add your own questions as you feel fit!

Download Bachelorette Balderdash

2. Drink if 🥂
This game is sure to get the drinks flowing… It is great for intimate parties with those who are closest with the bride-to-be. The bride-do-be calls out a statement listed on a sheet and if players reply ‘yes’ to the statement, then that means the player/ players drink! The perk is you can include as many players as you want but be sure the bar is stocked!

Download Drink If

3. BINGO 🤩
Who doesn’t love a good olde game of BINGO?! This gift-guessing game requires you to write down a gift you think the bride will receive and if you get 5 in a row correct you win! Bridal shower gifts can get a little interesting so be sure to get creative and maybe a little naughty when listing the gifts!

Download Bridal BINGO

4. Scavenger hunt 👀
Have a larger group? Team up and let your inner child come alive whilst embarking on an entertaining scavenger hunt! This game is sure to keep you and the tribe entertained, spice it up and make the losing teams take a shot for every item they didn’t tick off.

Download Scavenger Hunt

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